In 2012 we began to write a new chapter in our history, with the premise of leading the production of organic and sustainable wines to preserve in each bottle the best of this region, which has dry climate and alluvials soils, mountain water, high-altitude and sun brightness.

Our purpose is to lead Argentine viticulture in a sustainable way, respecting our environment and developing brands of high perceived value, traded internationally.

We work taking care of natural resources and doing an organic production to express and preserve the best of our region through different grape varieties and places.

Recursos Naturales
Vitivinicultura Argentina
Portfolio Integral

We seek to offer an integral portfolio, focused on the consumer and guided by constant innovation.

We believe that the soil, the climate, the grape variety and human work are part of our identity and allow us to produce unique wines with history.

Bodega Argento


In our vineyards we take care of the grapes and work in the most natural way possible. At the winery we seek to preserve the best of the terroir, using oak in a balanced way and also avoiding over-extraction to maintain purity, freshness and elegance in each wine.

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Our vineyards are located in the traditional region of Mendoza and the Uco Valley. Each place is unique and has a story to tell, that's why we work considering climate and soil to preserve everything that gives identity to our wines.

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Bodega Argento


All Recognitions
Single Block 1 Organic Malbec 2018

Single Block

Organic Malbec 2018

Single Vineyard Altamira Organic Malbec 2019

Single Vineyard Altamira

Organic Malbec

Estate Reserve Organic Malbec 2019

Estate Reserve

Organic Malbec 2019

Estate Bottled Organic Malbec 2020

Estate Bottled

Organic Malbec 2020

Single Vineyard
RRSS Juampi
RRSS Estate Bottled